SharePoint 2013: Show status field in color

In this post we will discuss how we can show colors based on status column value in SharePoint 2013 using calculated column. Here I have a test list which has a choice column known as “Status” column and it has values like:

  • Started
  • InProgress
  • Incomplete
  • Critical
  • Done

So based on this value we want to show different color in the list view, so that by color it will be easy to differentiate from one and other.

For this we took a calculated column and in that calculated column we put the below logic.



“,IF([Status]=”InProgress”,”#FFFF00;’> &nbsp&nbsp

“,IF([Status]=”Incomplete”,”#FF9900 ;’>&nbsp&nbsp

“,IF([Status]=”Critical”,”#FF0000;’> &nbsp&nbsp

“,IF([Status]=”Done”,”#00B050;’> &nbsp&nbsp


And also make sure that you need to choose “Number” in the “The data type returned from this formula is:” section for the calculated column. It will look like below:

After this based on the status, the color will come like below:

Color Statuses

Screenshot (SharePoint 2013)


Hope this will be helpful.